Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of RODA Caravan s.r.o. rental

  • A driver older than 23 years with a driving license group B with at least 3 years of driving experience – same conditions applies for other drivers stated in the contract
  • Two identification documents are required
  • The shortest rental period in season B and C is 3 days (limited mileage) and in season A is 7 days (unlimited mileage)


  • After sending the order, the customer will receive the contract proposal and pro-forma invoice by e-mail within three working days (payment of a reservation fee of 30% of the total rental price or the full amount)
  • The signed and scanned contract is sent by the lessee to the lessor by email
  • If the reservation fee is not paid within the invoice due date, the reservation expires
  • The remaining balance of the rental must be paid within 30 days prior to the start of the rental

Rentals and security deposit

  • According to the valid price list on the website of RODA Caravan s.r.o.
  • We charge a handling fee of 1300 CZK including VAT for rent shorter than 7 days
  • Refundable deposit of 25,000 CZK is payable on the day of campervan handover

Cancellation Policy

  • Contract withdrawal by the customer:
    • 30 or more days before the start of the rental – 30% of the total rent agreed
    • 30 to 11 days before the start of the rental – 50% of the total rent agreed
    • less than 11 days – 1000% of the total rent agreed

Handover and return of the campervan

  • A clean campervan is handed over on the first day of the rental with a fully refuelled tank as per the protocol of handover
  • The campervan returns clean on the last day of the rental with a fully refuelled tank as per the protocol of handover
  • Necessary to empty the waste tank and chemical toilet before returning
  • Campervan handover is possible from 07:30 to 10:00 unless agreed differently
  • Campervan return is possible from 16:30 to 19:00 unless agreed differently

Other terms of use

  • No smoking, use of candles, sparklers, etc.
  • Transporting pets and other animals is prohibited
  • Use of the campervan exclusively on the road
  • In accordance with applicable legislation
  • No campervan modification is allowed
  • Use of the car for business purposes and towing other means of transport is prohibited

Fines and sanctions

  • Lessees will be charged the following contractual penalties:
  • loss of keys, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle registration certificate, green card, service book – 6,500 CZK for each item
  • grossly contaminated car – 5,000 CZK plus any compensation for damages if it exceeds the contractual penalty
  • late return of the campervan – standard rent rate per day plus contractual penalty of 3,500 CZK for every extra 24 hours beyond the agreed rent
  • contractual penalty of 3,000 CZK if the campervan was driven by a driver other than that stated in the contract
  • non-emptying of the waste tank and chemical toilet is subject to a contractual penalty of 1.500, – CZK
  • and others specified in the rental contract

One-time payment for additional services (optional)

1. Regular interior cleaning after return (1 000 CZK +15%VAT):

  • cleaning of normal pollution inside the car (does not apply to gross pollution, emptying the waste tank and chemical toilet)

2. Campervan exterior wash after return (1 000 CZK +15%VAT):

  • hand campervan wash